Enttec’s Datagate Mk2 leads a team of Enttec products to control the LED lighting on the geodesic roof of AAMI Park.


Sitting close to the MCG, Rod Laver Arena and Olympic Park, AAMI Park is the latest addition to Melbourne’s elite sport and entertainment precinct. A stunning LED light show illuminates the roof every night from dusk with colours and patterns specially designed for the stadium by renowned multimedia artists Alexander Knox and Bruce Ramus, creating a visual landmark to match the Victorian Arts Centre spire. The 1544 colour-changing and weatherproof LED fittings act like a low resolution video screen and are controlled by video content that was especially commissioned by the artists. The installation uses 20 x RDS8 RDM/DMX Splitters, an E-Streamer, and 4 x Datagate Mk2s for RDM management and monitoring, and DMX over Ethernet decoding for the LED fixtures. 

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