project_Balanced_Technology_QLD_Norton Rose Brisbane

Norton Rose Group became the first tenant to lease a tenancy in the 6 Green Star premium office building located at One One One Eagle Street. The Norton Rose tenancy will cover four levels, 21 to 24 with level 21 being a purpose built client level.

With the base build being primarily DALI and having done all 54 levels of DALI base build lighting the tenancy fit out continued seamlessly with Balanced Technology’s Queensland Distributor Xulux. The Engineers fit out design used a lot of the existing base build Dali fittings which reduced rewiring significantly. The DALI fittings were then re-enumerated and areas customised to reflect the new tenancy layout.

DALI emergency lights were also integrated into the lighting control network although physically separated on their own DALI controller. Sensors were employed throughout to ensure the green star energy efficiency rating was maintained as well as automating switching on/off of lights. Where no occupancy is detected lights would remain off. Engineers opted for the new DR2PA revolution series switch panels which allow a wide range of architectural face plates and a selection of button colours and configurations to be chosen.

The four tenancy levels were all networked and connected through the DDNG485 network bridge. This wiring method provides ease of connection and optical isolation between levels. The optical isolation removes any concern of faults being transferred from one level to the next. It also isolates network traffic to the required level which reduces unnecessary data slowing down the network. A network time clock enables time scheduling for business and after hours functionality or any other 24/7 365 day timed event.

Lighting control is also interfaced to the Audio Visual system, Blinds and HVAC. DTK622/232AV interface node gives the AMX touch screen in the boardroom full control of the lighting control system. Designated blinds are switched through the DDRC810DT with user controls programmed on two switch panel buttons.