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Ground Support System

Multifunction Tower is a highly flexible ground supported tower system. At the heart of the Multifunction Tower’s innovative design is an adaptive connection plate allowing any existing industry standard truss to be incorporated into the tower or ground support design. This cost-effective approach also results in the Multifunction Tower being one of the most versatile systems available in the world today.
The system is designed to maximise the usability of every component and integrate effectively with which ever truss the end-user requires, including any existing rental stocks. Even the sleeve block may be used independently as a truss corner block.

The tower itself comprises:
A sleeve block with adaptive connector plate
Base plate
Outrigger supports
Rolling head
Quantity of sections of Brown’s 400mm box truss to achieve desired tower height
The standard system is compatible with:

300mm tri truss
300mm box truss
400mm box truss (with spigot couplers)
500mm box truss

Additional truss sizes may be accommodated through customisation of the adaptive connector plate.
The Multifunction Tower is available with a range of options to suit every need, including hand winches for smaller loads and hanging bridles for speaker arrays.

Applications include:

Individual towers, ideal for PA and lighting systems
Truss arches
Roof systems, suitable for outdoor stages and location film lighting