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LED under water fixture – Versatile powerful colour Led fixture, for underwater, dynamic or monochromatic lighting. Compact device for any application easily installed, flexible and rugged.

Flange in hard anodized aluminium is designed to operate in any working position thanks to its internal machining who has micro channel for water drainage, to prevent water from dwelling on the glass. Temperate glass guarantees a high shock resistance. Screws on the front surface exalt body resistance and give a modern and eye-catching aesthetic line.

High precision optics can have beam angle ranging from 6° to 90° to exalt high power LEDs performance.

Separate power supply is linked to the fixture through a cable that drives modulated current according to regulations.

Fixture back is built in hard anodized die cast aluminium, especially designed to perform heat dissipation with source power up to 60 W. Fins shape has been designed to exalt light.