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For nearly 20 years the Lil’DMXter has been the benchmark in DMX testing tools.  Solid, reliable and with industry-leading features, the Lil’DMXter is found in serious theatres, workshops and service benches around the world.

The new DMXter4 RDM builds on that reputation. Incorporating all the features you’ve come to expect from a DMXter, plus expanded DMX functions and growing support for RDM testing and configuration, you’ll be up to date with the latest protocols.

New functions include:

RDM Support:
All DMXter4 RDM units discover, query status, perform basic configuration, and test RDM responders. Designers and evaluators of RDM equipment will want the optional Advanced RDM controller software. RDM line monitor software is under development. More details of RDM capabilities and the Advanced RDM Controller software are available on the Technical Specifications page.

The DMXter4 supports nine different user controlled transmit modes. The major transmit parameters, or flavours, can be set over a wide range to allow simulation of almost all DMX controller timings. The DMXter4 supports all START Codes.

The DMXter4 maintains and expands our industry leading receive and analysis routines for DMX512. It measures more parameters to a higher precision than earlier DMXters. Slot levels are now displayed in either a numeric or graphic display format. The graphic interface allows 32 slots to be viewed at once. RDM analysis programs are under development.

Receive and Transmit at the same time:
Our Intercept & Modify feature lets you work on any slot without interrupting the guy at the console programing the movers. With the DMXter4 RDM you can re-time any DMX data stream to one of three conservative flavors that even the pickiest color scroller will accept.

View Levels on your PC 
If you are monitoring a system with your DMXter4 and even the Bar Graph display is a bit cramped you can now view 128 slots at once using your PC as a DMXter add on.