Equivalent to four city blocks, the Fiona Stanley Hospital in Perth Western Australia is one of the latest “state of the art” Hospital complexes to be built in Australia.  Constructed over 18 building, a Campus wide Lighting control system was implemented and integrated site wide to 9 buildings by Balanced Technology’s Western Australian Distributor Light Application.

Bacnet integration merged all buildings into one seamless system for the Engineering and Hospital operators using the IELVS system.

With over 6300 rooms, and 150,000sqm of floor space, a wide variety of functionalities and end user requirements were seamlessly integrated into a common end user platform to provide Daylight Harvesting, Occupancy and Absence detection, Manual and scheduled events, monitoring and reporting and integration with other services such as HVAC and Fire and Emergency.  Many layers of redundancy were required across the entire design, to ensure proven fault tolerance and uninterrupted service.

With over 4620 Lighting Control devices (including 189 Local Touch screens) all integrated into the one common control platform, the project remains one of the largest holistic lighting control systems in Australia.