The Crown Casino complex includes a five star hotel, restaurants, cinemas, prestige retail and three 10m x 10m signs in addition to the main gaming areas. In the retail areas, the lighting control system functions as a programmable distribution board so that total flexibility is available for tenancy changes.

Twenty-four hour operation and maintaining security are key concerns. Essential circuits to areas such as gaming tables have to be maintained in the event of a power failure. Therefore non-essential areas are faded down or switched off via an automatic load-shedding system.

Everything about the project is huge. There are more than two million lamps, ranging from low voltage filament and fluorescent to metal halide lamps. Even the signage systems utilise 400 circuits of neon.

The system utilises trunk and spur technology which provides maximum flexibility in large, complex installations such as this. This provides isolation of electrical faults to individual spurs.

The system incorporates:

8192 channels of architectural lighting control
506 Local control panels
10 LCD touch screens
True RMS voltage regulation protects lamps from voltage surges which cause filament stress.